15 Jobs For Artists Who Love Drawing

15 Jobs For Artists Who Love Drawing

by K. Vanessa

Are you a person who loves drawing? Have you been practicing drawing and developing your drawing skills since you were a little child? Have you ever thought about earning your revenue from a hobby you love? If your answer is yes to the questions above this article has been just written for you. In this piece of content, we collected 15 jobs for those artists who love drawing and want to use their drawing skills in work. In the following paragraphs you can read about the following jobs:

  1. Animator
  2. Cake decorator
  3. Art teacher
  4. Art director
  5. Illustrator
  6. Graphic designer
  7. Textile designer
  8. Fashion designer
  9. Makeup artist
  10. Motion graphics designer
  11. Advertising designer
  12. Web designer
  13. Tattoo artist
  14. Interior designer
  15. +1 You can start your own eCommerce shop

Animator - perfect if you want to develop your character drawing skills

Are you in love with Walt Disney’s characters? Have you always dreamed of creating an animation movie or creating a character that will become alive in an animation movie? If your answer is yes, you should work as an animator. Animators are those incredibly skilled people who create animation movies. They are responsible for character drawing, creating different backgrounds for a movie, designing the whole animation movie’s concept, creating storyboards, and so on. What is more, nowadays 3D animation is more and more popular so if you are interested in techniques like this, this job is perfect for you.

Cake decorator - an interesting job for skilled artists

Cake decorators work on a unique canvas and it’s the cake itself. These talented people design, decorate, and sometimes bake the whole cake as well. Nowadays, interesting and outstanding cakes are very popular at different events. What is more, more and more companies celebrate their successes with a special cake that is decorated uniquely. Cake decorators’ job is to create the amazing look of the cake that is tailored to their customers’ needs.

Art teacher - for those who love drawing and who love kids

If you always wanted to share your passion for drawing and art with other people, especially with children and young adults this job is perfect for you. Art teachers work with all education levels from elementary school to college. They teach their students a variety of art methods and share their love of art with children and allow them to express themdóselves through different art techniques. They place a special on developing their students’ drawing skills and help them to find their voices and styles.

Art director - for those who like to guide teams and see the big picture

One of the hardest, but most amazing job for artists is art direction. Art directors are professionals who have extremely strong drawing skills. They are responsible for inspiring and guiding the design team’s vision by overseeing the artworks of other designers. After they created the concept and chose the perfect illustration they guide the design project, approve and review the graphics and artworks. If you want to be an art director you need to have strong drawing skills, you have to be able to see the whole concept of a project and give honest feedback to your colleagues.

Illustrator - this job is perfect for you if you want to draw all day and night

This amazing profession gives you the opportunity to draw all day and night. This job is perfect for those who love drawing and who want to create unique illustrations. Illustrators usually create drawings for advertisements, books, magazines and so one. All of their designs are used on different platforms like in magazines, on billboards, and in advertisements. Illustrators are responsible for creating a responsive design that can be used on different platforms without any interruptions.

Graphic designer - another job for those who love drawing

Although graphic designers’ jobs are very similar to illustrators’ jobs these two professions are not the same. Graphic designers work for a special brand and because of that, they have to develop a very strong brand knowledge. They have to know the brand they are working for as well as it would be their own company. Graphic designers create creative visual materials, mostly original images for the brand’s website and print media. Moreover, these designers design and create brand logos as well.

Textile designer - a unique job for artists who love the challenges

Textile designers design the patterns of the fabrics. They often draw these patterns with their hands or they draw these patterns with the help of digital software. The design they create is often printed on the fabric or knitted into it. Textile designers often work as freelancers but the bigger fashion companies have their own textile design teams. If you are interested in a job like this you have to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree.

Fashion designer - the job that seems to not so hard but it isn’t easy

Fashion designers design new clothes according to the latest trends in the industry. They usually don’t work as freelancers, they either have their own brand or work for a famous and big company. Every single clothing company has its own team of fashion designers. These people’s job is to create ready-to-wear clothes. If they work for a fast-fashion company they often check the trends on the runways and get inspiration from the forms and patterns they see on the shows.

Makeup artist - one of the most creative jobs for artists


Are you in love with amazing makeup? If you have strong drawing skills and you love makeup you have to seriously think about becoming a makeup artist. These extremely talented people work in many different areas. They often get a job in a movie production or they work for famous Hollywood stars. What is more, if they are good enough they can even work in the fashion industry as well. This job requires patience, self-confidence, and creativity. If you want to become a makeup artist you have to start a cosmetic school and get a certificate from a cosmetic program.

Motion graphics designer - for those people who have great drawing skills and who are in love with visual effects

Can you imagine a movie without visual effects? If the job of motion graphics designers didn't exist, there wouldn’t be any visual effect in a movie. Motion graphics designers are responsible for the visual effects in a movie. They create these effects by using special computer programs and their job is to make these effects look as real as they can.

Advertising designer - the ninjas of the internet

It’s commonly known that people always remember great advertisements. But who is responsible for these artworks? Advertising designers use images, short videos, calligraphy, graphic design, and other visuals in order to create an advertisement that will generate sales to the company. If you like creative tasks and you love working with computers this job is perfect for you.

Web designer - this job is perfect for those who love working with computers, have lots of creative ideas and love drawing

Web designers create outstanding websites that help the website owner sell his or her products. There are two big parts of web design one of them is user experience design and the other is user interface design. If you love drawing and want to use your creative skills you need to try user interface design, also known as UI. UI designers plan and draw the look of the website according to different design principles and with this, they make the website more friendly for the customers.

Tattoo artist - for those who like tattoos

tattoo artist makes tattoo

Do you like tattoos? Do you have your own tattoos as well? Have you always wanted to draw and create your own tattoos? If your answer is yes to the above-mentioned questions this profession is perfect for you. Tattoo artists design and create the client’s desired tattoo on the client’s skin. Before they start the “drawing-process” itself they usually meet the client several times and discuss the details. What is more, a tattoo artist can specialize in a certain style or just create tattoos according to the client’s own style and requirements. Moreover, they are also responsible for maintaining a safe and clean work environment, as well as obtaining a license if required by the state of residence.

Interior designer - the perfect job for those who are in love with buildings

Interior designers are those people who plan and create beautiful and functional indoor places in which design meets their client’s needs. They work both on new real estate and on existing buildings and the project they take depends on their and the client’s preferences. Interior designers usually present their work using sketches they draw or they design the interior in computer programs.

+1 You can start your own eCommerce shop

If you love drawing, but you don’t like these above-mentioned jobs, you can always start your own eCommerce shop and sell your artworks there. For this, we suggest you, first of all, create your own artist Instagram account and put your eCommerce store’s link in your bio.

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