How to draw a Wolf step by step

How to draw a Wolf step by step

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How to draw a Wolf

Remember red-riding hood? On the story, there are her enemy that disguise as her grandma. The enemy was a wolf and thus in this tutorial, we’ll talk more about wolf. It is usually known as species Canis lupus. They’re also a territorial animal and live in pack. They even had a fight in order to keep their territory. Wolf is basically a carnivore that eat hooved mammals, smaller animals, livestock, etc. Thus, in order to draw Wolf, I suggest you to learn drawing it by following these steps. But first, you’ll have to prepare a paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Now you’re ready to draw!


Step 1: Firstly, we’ll start by drawing the guidelines. The purpose of guidelines is to help you estimate the size of the head, body, and to guide you in drawing the rest of the body. Therefore, we’ll draw a circle with a diagonal oval intersecting the lower line. This will create its face and snout guideline.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 1

Step 2: Next, let’s start by creating its lower snout and nose. Start by making a curve below the previous step. Next, add an inverted small trapezium to create its nose.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 2

Step 3: We can move on to the ears and the inner side of the ears. You can start drawing an uneven triangle shape on each side to create its ear. After that, add several curve lines to create its inner side of ears.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 3

Step 4: After that, we can continue making sides’ fur and eyes. In order to create the sides’ fur, create several spikes that resemble a triangle-like shape on each side (see picture to better understand). Then, add a leaf-like shape on top of the snout in order to create its eyes.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 4

Step 5: Now we can continue with the last part of the head by making fur on top of its head and add details to the face. You can add the fur similarly with the previous step but in between the ears. Moving on with the face, add two short curve lines on top of the eyes to create a shape for its eyes. Lastly add a dot inside the eyes and block on each edges of the inner eyes (see picture). This will create the eyes of wolf.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 5

Step 6: After we focus on the head guideline, we can focus on the body. Add two large circles that intersect each other. Don’t forget to make the left-hand side circle to be larger.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 6

Step 7: Finally, we can start drawing its legs. Start from its upper forelegs by Drawing two uneven ovals intersecting its left-hand side body guideline. Then, we can draw the back legs thighs. First, make a bigger oval than the upper fore legs on the right-hand side of the body guideline. Next, add a narrow curve to finish its back leg.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 7

Step 8: After that, continue making the Wolf’s lower legs. Start by making the lower fore legs with uneven ovals (see picture for better understand) below the upper fore legs. Don’t forget to add the backside of the previous upper back leg with a slightly curve line. End it with several curve lines that creates two lower back leg (see picture).

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 8

Step 9: Finish the legs by adding paws on each of it. You can create the paws by making an uneven trapezium or curve lines (see picture to better understand). Lastly, gave a tail guideline to finish all the guideline by making a brush-like shape behind the wolf.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 9

Step 10: Lastly, giving the detail for the body and paws. You can add several spiky lines on top, below and some part of the legs to create the fuzzy fur of wolf. Then, add several short lines on the paw to separate the paws.

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 10

Step 11: If there’s a line that intersecting each other, this is the time to erase it. To see your Wolf, you’ll need clean lines. Voila! You’ve finished drawing a Wolf

How to draw a Wolf step by step step 11

How to draw a Wolf step by step colored

Since you’re drawing a Wolf, you need to look at the actual reference of what you’re going to draw. It is important because living things’ form won’t be smooth or symmetrical. Even if it’s symmetrical, the form will still be uneven. You’ll need keen eyes and a lot of practice so you can make your drawing perfect. Good luck!

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