How to draw I Love You

How to draw I Love You

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During Valentine’s, there are many things you can do during that time. Whether giving each other gifts, celebrate with loved ones or to celebrate Valentine by greeting each other. Also, people can share pictures of Valentine’s greeting on their social media. Therefore, if you want to create your own valentine’s greeting with the word “I Love You”, you can follow my instructions. Prepare a paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Now we’re ready to draw!


Step 1: First of all, we’ll start by drawing the guidelines. The purpose of guidelines is to help you estimate the size of your drawing. Therefore, we need to start by writing down “I Love You” on the center of paper.

How to draw I Love You step 1

Step 2: Moving on to the next step. Slightly erase the previous guideline so you can create the outer line based on the previous step. You just need to follow the shape of each words.

How to draw I Love You step 2

Step 3: Next, we’ll continue drawing heart-shapes to create another element for the greetings outside the words.

How to draw I Love You step 3

Step 4: Moving on, we’ll be drawing another heart-shapes. But this time, make a piling hearts on the lower part of the paper (see picture to better understand).

How to draw I Love You step 4

Step 5: Now you can start adding hearts with details around the other elements. Create a heart with arrow pierced the heart (see picture).

How to draw I Love You step 5

Step 6: Now we can finish it by erasing the guidelines and Voila! A Valentine’s greeting is done!

How to draw I Love You step 6

How to draw I Love You colored

When drawing a Valentine’s greeting, the most important part is how you want to draw it. Creativity is important in this one. What you want to make and things that relates to it. This is important because you need to look for the features that relates with Valentine. Therefore, it’s important to start drawing the guideline first. You’ll need lots of practice so you can make your drawing perfect. Good luck!

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