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Our life is very colorful and diverse. Every day is filled with new impressions and events. Art helps us to fill our lives with colors. Drawing and coloring as one of the types of art allow developing the intellect and creativity of a person. The art of drawing and coloring is especially useful for children. With the help of the project, you will get unlimited access to the world of drawings and coloring pages. Moreover, thanks to our site:

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Constantly creating is one of the most important human needs. So we are arranged that we always want to create something new! To enjoy the fruits of other people's works, of course, is easier, but it's much more pleasant to make something of your own, original. And it does not matter, it's a new instrument for performing important work or an art subject: the ability to create a new is always creativity!

It's better to start drawing from the very childhood - this is one of the most fertile periods for mastering the basics of fine art.

It may seem as if nothing is easier than drawing. It's difficult to compose music or poetry because you first need to imagine in your head, come up with a line or a motive, and only then think about how to translate your thought into an understandable and recordable form.

What about painter artists? What I see, then I paint it on paper! I saw a tree - I drew, I saw a cat - I drew ... What's so cunning about? In an extreme case, if everything changes too quickly, you can take a photo, and then just draw everything from the photo. Nothing complicated!

This myth fades away instantly, immediately after you pick up a pencil, a brush, or start drawing. And it turns out that there is nothing complicated, but it's still impossible to create a masterpiece! It turns out only unintelligible scribble.

This does not mean that we should give up such an ungrateful job. Just the art of creating paintings also must be learned, like any other. Do not spare neither time nor energy for exercises with a brush and canvas, hard work, create and create without a break - then in the near future if there are talent and determination and if you will not become the second Picasso, then at least be able to paint a decent picture gift to your mum on March 8.

Drawing or coloring - a method that will help you develop the creative abilities of your child, regardless of their natural abilities. You will spend many fascinating hours, comprehending step by step the basics of drawing and then you can realize all your creative fantasies.

How to start drawing at home:

  • an album for drawing of good quality;
  • pencils of different softness;
  • the eraser;
  • schemes in which everything is clearly visible.

If the pencil drawing is already mastered, or you immediately want to go to pastels or paints, all of these should be available too.

Provide to the beginning artist an excellent workplace: a convenient table and chair, good lighting, lack of all distracting moments. It has to be comfortable for the child.

Before drawing, be sure to tell the child about the following rules:

  • It is not necessary to hurry, everything turns out only for those who try;
  • You need to act strictly according to the scheme, especially if you just start learning to draw;
  • Remember what you are doing, and next time the circuit may not be necessary for you;
  • Start with the simplest, gradually moving to more complex drawings.

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